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İşbank wants to grow rapidly in the coming years. With new branches in metropolitan areas in Germany and more employees for our branches abroad. To do so, we also want to increase staff numbers at our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

You have experience. You are dedicated. And you want more. Then we are the perfect fit. Because we have more to offer: we are both local and international and are the bank for retail and corporate banking customers. İşbank's teams are there for our customers locally at our branches. As a subsidiary of the largest private Turkish bank, we provide the same level of competent and comprehensive support for our customers in their activities in Germany, Europe and in Turkey.

What that means for you: with your years of experience, you will contribute to our service and quickly take on responsibility at İşbank. And you will work in an environment which continues to offer new professional and cultural challenges, allowing you to gain many new experiences at İşbank. One thing is sure – work will never be uninteresting.

Become a part of our growth and take part in shaping the face of İşbank in our network of branches throughout Germany and Europe. Or begin a new career at our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Rise to the professional challenge at the interface between numerous cultures:

  • support the varied corporate relationships of our retail or corporate banking customers across an entire range of products and services, expanding them even further
  • ensure that processes run smoothly and optimise our IT environment as an IT Specialist
  • help us adhere to the particular regulatory requirements of a bank in Germany and Europe as a Compliance Expert
  • you will find our current job offers here

İşbank offers the benefits of an international financial institution combined with the capability and flexibility of a small collegial team. If you are looking for the space to make full use of your expertise and experience – we have the challenges you are looking for.

İşbank is expanding its presence in Germany. In our branches in Germany and Europe. And at our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

If you are interested in serving İşbank’s retail or corporate banking customers at one of our branches, you should:

  • have several years of professional experience in the respective area of business

  • have completed a business-related degree programme or a vocational training programme in banking

  • speak fluent German and Turkish; additional English-language skills are beneficial

  • have a strong customer focus, be service-oriented and flexible

At our headquarters, we expect you to:

  • have several years of professional experience in the same / a similar position at another bank

  • possess excellent communication skills when dealing with co-workers in your department and other areas of the bank

  • have a professional demeanour

  • speak fluent Turkish (ideally) and German as well as possess good English-language skills

İşbank offers the benefits of an international financial institute combined with the advantages of a bank with a friendly feel and a focus on customer loyalty. Take advantage of the outstanding opportunities for career advancement offered by our widespread growth. We support all employees on their way to the top of the career ladder with an extensive range of advanced training programmes.

Hilal Güner, Loans department at the İşbank branch in Frankfurt

‘The thought of working for a Turkish company and, as a result, being able to use both Turkish and my German mother tongue was very appealing to me,’ says Hilal Güner, explaining the reason why she decided to take up a job at İşbank in 2009. Before that, she had spent many years working in the field of ethnic marketing and was looking for an opportunity to make stronger professional use of her immigrant background. ‘The variety of duties and the cultural exchange enhance my development as a Turkish German,’ says the 35-year-old today, who feels equally comfortable in both cultures.