İşbank as an employerremember

Get your career in gear.

Our vision

İşbank AG is the leading Turkish bank in Germany and has a total of 10 branches in Germany, with one branch in Amsterdam respectively. As a European subsidiary of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş., the largest private bank in Turkey, we are bound by the outstanding reputation of our parent company. And we are building on it.

We want to systematically continue to expand our leading position in the German market in the coming years – İşbank is determined to become the ‘Bank of First Choice’ for its target group in Germany. But we also want to build a similar market position in the other European countries in which we are active.

We offer our customers a wide range of banking products and services. In this context, we orient ourselves around the needs of our target group of customers: individuals of Turkish descent as well as companies in Europe and Turkish companies that have subsidiaries in Europe or plan on investing in Europe. We support companies headquartered in Europe with our banking services and in their business with and investments in Turkey.

We also want to continuously enhance İşbank’s business relationships with banking and financial institutes of varying size in Europe, strengthening their relationship with our parent company.

We stand up for our goals. Employees are the foundation of our success. They project our vision of İşbank as the ‘Bank of First Choice’. And they work to make this vision a reality in their field of activity – with great responsibility and a high level of dedication.

Our strategy for growth

We are growing where our customers need us. That’s why we will be expanding our presence in Germany’s metropolitan areas over the coming years. Today, İşbank already has 10 branches in Germany. At İşbank’s branches, we offer personal support and comprehensive service. With additional new branches, we want to better serve our customers, including many retail and corporate customers of Turkish descent.

As a European subsidiary of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş., the largest private bank in Turkey, İşbank AG will be systematically expanding its presence in Europe over the coming years.

A strong local presence requires a strong backbone – that’s why we are also expanding İşbank AG's headquarters, located in Frankfurt am Main, in specific areas. Because we know that only the harmonious cooperation between the head at the headquarters and the limbs in the local branches will allow us to offer the banking products and services in the quality our customers expect from us.

Our HR strategy

At ISBANK, we place our greatest asset – our customers – in the hands of our employees. Every customer is special and we offer each and every one our special service – in our own special way.

ISBANK employees are aware of their responsibility, and they listen and respond to the needs of our customers with a high level of dedication and flexibility. In doing so, they can project that which they experience themselves – namely, ISBANK’s friendly, trusting, respectful and intercultural working atmosphere. Because we act the same way towards each other as we do towards our customers.

Speaking the language of our customers is not only a slogan and metaphor but also shapes everyday business at ISBANK. That’s why it is so important to us that all our employees speak at least two languages and speak Turkish as well as the language of the country in which they work.

As a rapidly growing company, ISBANK offers its employees attractive opportunities to advance and develop. Regular advanced training seminars and the flexibility to work at various ISBANK branches throughout Germany are our requirements for career advancement. We create the conditions necessary to achieve this, and our employees take on the challenge – each and every day, they make flexible use of their skills at various ISBANK branches in Germany. And as a result, nothing stands in the way of their advancement at ISBANK.

Our compensation structure

İşbank employees assume a great deal of responsibility – every day and on every rung of the career ladder. That’s why we allow our employees to share in extraordinary successes with special payments that exceed the collective wage agreements customary in the industry.

Your base salary at İşbank is determined according to your qualifications, the collective wage agreements customary in the industry and based on the duties you are responsible for at our bank. We offer a 13th month’s salary and promote your personal formation of capital with asset-creating benefits. In addition, we also offer special financing and insurance terms for our employees.

And we honour outstanding performance with outstanding compensation: our managers have salary components which are based on their individual performance. We offer our employees performance-based bonuses. Because our bank’s success is your success.

We support and challenge our employees with a comprehensive advanced training programme – they regularly take part in courses especially developed for İşbankat the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Furthermore, İşbank also enables them to participate in seminars that are part of the Business School’s regular courses.