Unit-linked pension planremember

Look forward to getting older. Month by month by month.

Your benefits:

  • Attractive: lifelong retirement annuity with the possibility to achieve high returns

  • Active: Determine the investment strategy itself and change it at any time

  • Realistic: yield chances depending on security needs through managed portfolios

Unit-linked pension plans combine the advantages of investing in funds (with regard to potential returns) with the security of a life annuity, and are perfect for people who want their pension to be built on the basis of securities.

With a unit-linked pension plan, you will benefit from a form of saving with tax advantages built on the basis of an investment fund. These plans represent an alternative to a fund savings plan, and can even be viewed as a capital investment as a result of the possibility of investing a lump sum.

In addition to providing for retirement, you also have the option of including additional security in the event of disability.

  • You can take advantage of the opportunities of the capital markets to build up your retirement provision

  • You can insert premium breaks

  • If you need capital on a particular occasion, you have the option to withdraw money from the contract credit flexibly