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Accounts and cards


Always have cash on hand, without having cash in your hand.

Credit card info online

Your credit card billing online

You would like to receive your credit card statement quickly and personally from any internet access point anywhere in the world? This is possible from now on: got to Login

All informations and relevant links are documented in the following PDF:

Credit card info online log-in

Terms & Conditions (german)


Do you have problems with your log-in for credit card info? 
Write an email to:

Enjoy financial freedom with a Mastercard!

In the event of loss, you can freeze your card simply by calling this hotline: 069 / 793 319 10 (24 hours available) or 0800 819 1040 (freephone), foreign country: +1 636 7227 111

Annual fees

Business Card Standard
- Main Card (annual)
- Additional Card (annual)

40,00 €
20,00 €
Business Card Gold
- Main Card (annual)
- Additional Card (annual)

80,00 €
45,00 €