Account Opening with Deutsche Post 'Postident' identity verificationremember

Your account is waiting for you at the post office.

Your benefits:

  • banking transactions available outside of İşbank branches

  • the following services are available at every Deutsche Post branch:

  • simple identity verification with one piece of proof of identity

  • opening an account

  • transferring funds

  • depositing funds

  • submitting forms

The 'Postident' process is a method for Deutsche Post employees to reliably verify your identity, which allows you to also open an account with our bank outside of one of our branches.

  • Can be used to open an instant-access savings account, fixed-rate savings account or İŞWEB account online.

  • Minimum deposit for an İşbank instant-access savings account are 1,000 euros, fixed-rate savings accounts can be opened with a minimum initial deposit of 2,500 euros.

  • Deposits into an instant-access savings account can either be made in cash or by transferring funds from an account of your choice.

  • Applying for İşbank online banking allows customers to access and manage their account at any time.

  • No fees for opening and maintaining an İşbank instant-access savings account, fixed-rate savings account or İŞWEB account or for using online banking.

  • Simply print out the application for the type of account you wish to open, which can be found by clicking on Formulare

  • Take the completed application to a Deutsche Post branch, where a Deutsche Post employee will verify your identity using your proof of identity and will complete the 'Postident' form, which you must then sign in person.

  • After verification of your identity, your documents will be posted to İşbank.

  • After checking the documents, we will open the desired account and send you your new account number.

  • If your instant-access savings account has sufficient credit balance, you can open a fixed-rate savings account by submitting the application with your account number either by fax, by post or by emailing us a scan of the application.

  • After processing your application for a fixed-rate savings account, we will send you confirmation with details such as the amount deposited, the term and the interest rate.

  • At the end of the term, the balance of the fixed-rate savings account and any interest accrued is transferred to your instant-access savings account. If you use online banking, you can transfer the funds to an account of your choice at any time, otherwise you can transfer the funds to an account at another bank by informing us in writing, by fax or by email.