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Documentary credit

Security - from one bank to another.

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Trade Finance

Documentary collectionremember

No unnecessary risks in Foreign Trade!

Your benefits:

  • Simple and low-cost transactions

  • Contrary to your open account transactions, your payments will be made faster and more securely

  • In case of a dispute, since the acceptance of the document is not compulsory, the possibility of refusing the document

Payment based on documentary credit is the payment type which involves sending the seller’s (exporter) shipping documents following the loading of the goods to importer’s bank through exporter’s bank – subject to be delivered on the collection of the sale value. 

The exporter submits the documents to our bank for the following documentary credit operations:

  • Delivery on the payment of the sale value (Documents against payment: d/p)

  • If there is an agreed maturity date for payment, delivery based on the acceptance of the bill (Documents against Acceptance: d/a)

  • Export documentary collection
  • Import documentary collection