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Trade financing without unnecessary risks!

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Trade Finance

Export Pre-Financingremember

Revive your activities abroad!

Your benefits:

  • You will have broader financial freedom

  • Pre-financing is provided for your export transactions

  • Your credit evaluation will be based on the export transaction

  • Possibility of discount is provided on the basis of documentary credit

You can carry out your export activities without suffering from liquidity problems by taking advantage of our export pre-financing and also broaden such activities in the meantime. You can easily pay back the loan with the export value. 

Financial support for your exporting activities can be provided with variable terms. For the evaluation of your case, it is sufficient to present your pro forma invoices and documents about your financial data to our bank.

To process your application, we need the following from you:

  • A pro forma invoice or the sales contract.

  • Documents pertaining to your financial situation.