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Your benefits

  1. flexible and always available
  2. more security for unexpected expenses
  3. can be drawn upon on an ongoing basis
  4. can be used as collateral in Germany or in Turkey


İşbank’s working capital loans help you cover your short-term requirements for financing receivables and purchasing goods, raw materials and other current assets.Because these assets do not remain in the company permanently, short-term financing is the ideal solution. And you can conveniently repay your working capital loan from current sales proceeds.

The key benefit: Even if your account is temporarily in the red, you can react flexibly to market changes and make urgently needed investments. This form of temporary financing guarantees that your company has sufficient liquidity, even in the short term.İşbank also grants working capital loans as overdraft facilities. You can draw down this facility on an ongoing basis, and the accrued loan interest will be deducted from your account quarterly. We determine your credit limit in consultation with you after assessing your financial position and, if necessary, appraising your collateral.A working capital loan offers you additional liquidity and ensures that you have financial freedom, allowing you to make use of cash discounts offered by suppliers or to finance inventory purchases, for example.


We determine your credit limit based on your collateral and creditworthiness. The interest due is then charged to your account on a quarterly basis.