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We have answered the most frequently asked questions.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the areas of online banking, transfer to Turkey and deposit protection.

About the bank in general

The İşbank AG is wholly-owned subsidiary of the in 1924 founded Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş., the largest private bank in Turkey with more than 1.200 branches. The bank is a result from the in 1992 founded İşbank GmbH and it changed to a public company by the german law in force in 2012 and was filed on 2.8.2012 by the trade register of Frankfurt am Main as document number HRB 94361.

İşbank has been present in Europe for over 30 years with all services and products focused on corporate finance. Furthermore, our product range in the private and corporate customer business includes account management including online banking, savings and time deposits at attractive interest rates and the entire range of payment transactions including Turkey transfers.

İşbank is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and is active across Europe with 8 branches in Germany and one additional branch in the Netherlands. 

Deposit protection

Deposits with İşbank AG are insured within the scope of the EdB, which is a statutory deposit protection scheme. As of 1 January 2011, the EdB covers deposits of up to 100,000 euros per investor. Furthermore, İşbank AG is also a member of the Federal Association of German Banks’ Deposit Protection Fund.


of January 1, 2023, caps on the scope of protection will apply for the first

time. These are based on the protection requirements of depositors.

Accordingly, from January 1, 2023, the scope of protection for private savers

will be five million euros and for companies 50 million euros. These limits

will be adjusted to three million euros for private customers and 30 million

euros for companies from January 1, 2025. Once the reform is fully implemented

in 2030, the level of protection will be one million euros for savers and ten

million euros for companies. Further information on the deposit protection fund

is available at

Transfer to Turkey

Effective 6 July 2011, transfers to Turkey from other banks that are credited to İşbank AG’s collective accounts for the purposes of transferring the funds to Turkish branches of our parent company, Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş., will no longer be carried out. After this date, any transfers to Turkey that are credited to these collective accounts will not be forwarded, but will be transferred back.

Furthermore, you can still transfer funds to Turkey by bringing cash and a valid identity card/pass with address details or any other official document with address details to one of our branches.

The SWIFT code for Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. is: ISBKTRIS. This SWIFT code is applicable for all of the bank’s branches in Turkey. You can calculate the IBAN yourself by clicking on the following link (you will need the recipient’s branch number, account number and type of account):

The current fees for transfers to Turkey are listed in the segment conditions.


To access our online banking site, you will receive a personal identification number (PIN) in a PIN envelope.

Corporate accounts and company accounts have a user number. For individual accounts, the customer and user numbers are the same.

You can request a new activation code from your branch or send an email to

Since Germany has implemented the new PSD2 directive (The directive promotes the development of innovative online and mobile payment options and ensures more security for payments as well as better consumer protection) from 2019, 2 PINs are used for online banking access and for the appTAN.

The incoming letters state that it is valid for 365 days, but there is a note that it can only be used once. If the appTAN has not been activated within 365 days, it is valid for the period indicated.

You usually need a TAN for all banking transactions you carry out online. It is usually a six-digit number that is used as a one-time password for a secure online banking transaction.

For online banking, it is sufficient to use the apps "Isbank AG Mobile" (optional) and "Isbank TAN" (mandatory).

You agreed to transaction limits for online payment transactions when applying for your account. These limits are specified in your application to use İşbank AG’s electronic forms of conducting bank business (online banking). You can change your online banking transaction limits at any time by sending us a signed letter by post.

After logging into our online banking site, you can click on ‘Transfer to Turkey’ and select ‘Status inquiry’. This page will provide you with information about previously submitted transfers to Turkey.


You can request all required forms by e-mail (

Please send the complete set of account opening forms attested by the embassy by post to the following address: İŞBANK AG Hauptverwaltung Dienstleistungsbereich Zeil 123 60313 Frankfurt / Germany

No personal contact can be made with you until the account has been opened. You will receive an e-mail confirming the opening of the account. We will only contact you by e-mail in case the information you have provided is incomplete or somehow not correct.

When we have received your original account opening documents (about 1 week). Due to the large number of applications received, this time can be longer in the months before students return to universities in Germany.

Once the account has been opened, you will receive the account details: IBAN number and BIC code, by e-mail.

In that case, please use our e-mail contact form. We will send you a new confirmation with corrected data.

When the full blocked amount has been credited and the blocked account opening fee paid you will automatically be sent an e-mail with a confirmation letter for the visa application. With reference to the bank secret we do not answer questions about payment transactions handled through the account.

We are bound by legal regulations and can only accept original documents.

According to legal regulations, only the account holder personally can open an account with a bank in the Federal Republic of Germany. No third person can open an account for someone else.

When you arrive in Germany, you need to open a bank account in Germany and send a signed order with the corresponding IBAN number of your bank account and a copy of the German visa in your passport along with a copy of the registration certificate as well as a telephone number on which you can be reached whilst you are in Germany to the e-mail address Upon receipt of all documents, the monthly allowance shall be paid to the given IBAN number on the first business day of a month.

The fee for opening the İŞWEB STUDENT BLOCKED ACCOUNT is EUR 150.

The blocked amount is an amount that remains blocked in your account also after the end of the monthly disposition until the final release by the German embassy.

We recommend that you remit the handling fee of EUR 150.00 and the SWIFT fee of EUR 30,- together with the blocked amount.

Payment specifying the IBAN number and the BIC code can be made into the İŞWEB STUDENT BLOCKED ACCOUNT after you receive the e-mail with the details of your account.

To release the account, we need a consular confirmation that your visa application has been rejected and a personally signed order for closing the İŞWEB STUDENT BLOCKED ACCOUNT, plus details of a bank account into which the money can be remitted.

In the case of a non-entry into Germany, a closure of the student-blocked account and a re-transfer of the blocking amount will require a self-signed order to close the account, indicating the account details for the transfer of the blocking amount.

The order for renewal must be sent by the students to the e-mail address The blocked amount must be deposited on the blocked account and the confirmation letter for the submission to the respective authority is sent by e-mail. A fee of 75,00 Euro is required for this procedure.


SEPA is an acronym and stands for Single Euro Payments Area. The EU regulation that establishes SEPA step by step is intended to harmonise the different national payment systems and replace them with a standardised process.

With the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) there will be no more differences between domestic and foreign payments by credit transfer, direct debit and card payment in the European internal market. National and international bulk payments can also be processed in the same way.

All bank account holders, whether individuals or companies, are affected by the switch to SEPA.

The SEPA consists of the 28 EU member states, the EEA members Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, plus Switzerland and Monaco.

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is the international bank account number that uniquely identifies an account. In Germany, the IBAN is made up of 22 characters. The first four fields indicate the country code (DE for Germany) and the check digit, followed by the previous bank code (eight digits) and account number (ten digits). If the account number has fewer than ten digits, zeros are added to the front.

The BIC (Business Identifier Code) is an internationally standardized bank code (comparable to the bank code in Germany), with which payment service providers can be uniquely identified worldwide. Isbank AG's BIC is ISBKDEFX XXX. XXX represents the so-called BIC number. The respective BIC of the branch to which you belong can be found on your account statement or requested from the branch concerned.

No. SEPA payments can only be processed in euros. Payments in other European currencies can only be made by means of an international credit transfer as before.

All the information that you need to master the switch to SEPA for your company and what you need to remember can be found in our SEPA-PDF.

You can also find more information on our website