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Net loan amount: Between 2,500.00 € to 50.000,00 €, effective annual interest rate is between 4.50% and 4.95%, annual bound nominal interest rates are between 4.41% and 4.84%, no file fee is charged. Indicative example: For net loan amount of 10,000.00 € and payback term of 60 months, annual effective interest rate would be 4.95% (bound nominal interest rate: annual 4.84% = 1.279,01 €, no file fee).

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Real estate finance

*A net loan amount of EUR #marker_darlehensbetrag# to purchase a property for your own use, with a mortgage lending value of #marker_beleihung# and a contractual term of #marker_zinsbindung# years with #marker_tilgungprozent# annual capital repayments, yields an annual fixed loan interest rate of #marker_vkrNominalZins# and an effective annual interest rate of #marker_vkrEffektivZins#. After concluding the contract you have a statutory right of cancellation. Version: #marker_date#

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